“Be careful what you wish for…”, did I write in my article “The Mirror”, where I dealt with the question of the right desire. However, I am aware of the fact that we have to step back even further. The whole thing begins way before making a wish.

‘Sorry, the bed is not made. I just didn’t find the time today….’, a friend of mine says to me when showing me her new flat.

‘What a relief, I love meeting people who have the freedom not to make the bed when they don’t feel like it’, I reply. Some people are incapable of doing it.

‘To tell you the truth, I’m one of those people. I usually get the bed made and everything tidy. Always. I’m a bit of a perfectionist’

With her statement, my friend unconsciously chooses to be her own slave driver. Saying ‘I’m like that, I can’t help it’, prevents her from having a free, relaxed attitude, or simply, from being happy.

Let’s go back to the quantum physics which I referred to in my latest article: With our thoughts we create our current situation. In other words, what you are living right now is, according to Berend Smit (My Book), a product of your past thoughts. Consequently, assuming that this is so, we should carefully choose our affirmations that we make throughout the day.

Since I have been reading Berend’s book, I am attentive when I listen to people, and I choose my own words very, very carefully. I have always had a very sensitive nature, with a certain ease in falling into sadness. ‘I am sad about the world’, I could have thought, ‘I have got a world pain’. In my sensitivity also lies my potential, though: It gives me a special ability to feel people, with their struggles, their fears and sadness.

Everything is part of our life: There is pain, evil, violence, war, sadness, loss, crises, diseases and other types of suffering. I can watch them all without closing my eyes, and I can cope with it.

Yet, there is also beauty. Joy. Happiness. So this is my statement today: I choose to direct my attention towards the bright part of existence. Being still able to see the other, darker side of it.

This morning I went for a walk. Still half asleep, I was haunted by a mixture of ‘not so positive’ thoughts. ‘What will happen with this, why did that person say that? I feel a bit upset with …’ Then I said to myself: ‘Watch out, change the direction!’

I consciously looked upwards. Towards the branches of the tree which were drawing a nice shiny picture on the blue background of the sky. I kept listening. What a wonderful birds’ singing! There was one that sang really beautifully. I stopped to see where it had hidden. A smile came across my face. How peaceful this sound and colors!

‘There it is’, said a man who was also walking by. He had noticed me as I stood there looking up under the tree.

The beauty of nature speaks to us, reminds us that we already have it all. We just have to want it, believe it, live it.

Still, in many occasions se don’t.

‘I can’t help it. I can’t see a dirty plate in the kitchen, nor the messy cushions on the sofa,’ my friend says.

We clean compulsively, we are fussy about insignificant things, and so we miss the true nature of our life.

Conflicts and crises are our allies to stay in the misery we see ourselves in. We work like slaves, not enjoying the sunny side of life, and we easily find an excuse not to change, not to create our own joyful life. It seems that we have to faithfully follow our inner obsessions, our negative beliefs. And this is how the negative things we create in our minds end up getting real.

Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash