Crises, Fear, Stress and other sufferings of the soul

Crises, Fear, Stress and other sufferings of the soul



Life constantly challenges us. Our internal and external conflicts can cause us a state of crisis in which we lose clarity about what to do, think or feel.

In our therapy you will learn to face the changes and challenges of life, find solutions, communicate assertively and regain the joy of living.


Stress can harm our health and makes work and studies much less effective and fruitful. When stress becomes permanent, it is time to do something.

In our therapy you will learn to relax, to concentrate on each task of your day to day, and you will achieve a greater emotional balance. We work with breathing, stress relief and psycho-body unlocking.


Fear can turn life into a real nightmare. There are many types of fears, such as fear of public speaking, shyness, low self-esteem, fear of exams, existential fears.

In our therapy we will work with breathing techniques, meditation, body awareness and expression, dramatization, verbal expression and the use of the voice from the diaphragm and the breath.


Pain is a part of life, that’s a fact we have to assume. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy to live with the pain of loss, separations, old wounds or traumas.

In our therapy we also work with “disguised” pain that manifests as anger, mood swings, sadness, lack of motivation. You will learn to sustain the pain that is in you, without losing joy.

Pain and joy of life pass through the same door.

I will accompany you when the daily conflicts get you down.

Don’t judge yourself for your crises. You will be able to transform crises into opportunities.

Tired of putting on the mask of false joy? In therapy you can take it off and see what’s behind it.

Are your fears haunting you? I work with you to regain your strength and inner security.

Learn to have both feet firmly on the ground. Success in life means being yourself, showing off your talents and finding your own style.

Don’t be afraid of crises!
They are an invitation to change.
And change means learning.


Contact me, tell me what you need.